EBENTO project aims to provide the needed framework to demonstrate and integrate new business models and cutting-edge technology for energy performance guarantees and contracts, bringing the needs of all actors involved in enhancing the building stock and highlighting the role of Public Institutions and Cooperatives. Besides, EBENTO focuses on the citizens as key players of the energy transition, helping them in their decision-making to invest in energy efficiency.

EBENTO results are tested and validated in 4 demonstrators in Valencia (Spain), Athens (Greece), Tallin (Estonia), and Manchester (UK), involving residential users and different actors’ perspectives from, for example, a Public Institution, a Cooperative, and a Utility.

A consortium 11 partners includes IT providers, universities, public institutions,  energy service companies, energy cooperatives, and utilities.

For 36 months starting in 2022.

The building sector is crucial for achieving the EU's energy and environmental goals. Better and more energy efficient buildings improve the quality of life of the citizens while bringing additional benefits to the economy and the society.

Most of the actions to reach to meet the new EU objective of a minimum 55 % reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 will be mainly focused on reducing energy consumption in buildings by enhancing their characteristics and reaching NZEBs in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

This ambitious objective and needs a higher cooperation between Public Institutions (organizations that should trigger the investments), citizens (the ones who must benefit from those investments), and energy service companies (the organizations that should implement the investments).

EBENTO develops a one-stop-shop platform for Public Institutions and Cooperatives to better identify potential energy efficiency improvements in residential housing stock with SMEs and energy service companies' support. The platform explores the best financing scheme, how to enhance current EPCs and how to give citizens the trust for investing in new solutions for increase energy building efficiency.