Successful review meeting in EBENTO

09 May 2024

Today, the EBENTO project consortium achieved a significant milestone with their 1st Review Meeting with the European Commission. The meeting was hosted by ETRA, the project coordinator, in Valencia (Spain)

Over the past 18 months, the consortium has dedicated their efforts to advancing the objectives outlined in the Horizon EU project. During the review, partners presented the substantial progress made, emphasising the development of a comprehensive One-stop-shop for building performance guarantees and contract definitions, the refinement of monitoring and simulation modules, and the seamless integration of innovation across pilot sites. Additionally, they provided an insightful overview of the pilot sites and ongoing works, conducted an analysis of obstacles to innovation, and outlined strategies for end-user engagement, dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities.

The review yielded positive results, highlighting the consortium’s commitment and expertise.

Moving forward, they are determined to maintain the high standard of their work and achieve the anticipated results by September 2025. This milestone not only validates their progress but also inspires continued innovation in building performance and sustainability.

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