New heights in EBENTO One-Stop-Shop platform

11 April 2024

In recent months, the collaborative efforts of HYPERTECH and ETRA have propelled the development of the EBENTO One-Stop-Shop platform to new heights. Building upon a methodological framework established earlier, both teams have actively honed the technical specifications of the platform. This iterative process has been fueled by a wealth of insights gleaned from diverse project tasks, including the exploration of business scenarios, use cases, and user feedback obtained through co-creation activities.

Utilising this comprehensive input, partners have meticulously defined the functional requirements of the One-Stop-Shop platform, attributing each specification to specific components with painstaking detail. These components have undergone rigorous scrutiny, with detailed descriptions encompassing both functional and non-functional specifications, functional dependencies, and data requirements. Additionally, a high-level system architecture diagram has been meticulously crafted to elucidate the intricate interactions and interdependencies between various platform components, providing stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of its structural framework.

To provide a visual representation of this progress, a generic system architecture diagram is presented below, offering a holistic view of the evolving infrastructure of the EBENTO One-Stop-Shop Platform. This visual depiction underscores the ongoing commitment of EBENTO to deliver a robust and user-centric solution, showcasing the dedication to refining and enhancing the platform for optimal performance and usability.

EBENTO One-Stop-Shop Platform showcases energy services and renovations, streamlining Energy Performance Contracting. It caters to Public Institutions and cooperatives, fostering transparency in energy decisions and boosting citizen engagement for enhanced social energy awareness in cities.


Generic system architecture diagram. Simplified system architecture diagram illustrating the interconnections and functionalities of the EBENTO one-stop-shop platform. Commercially sensitive information has been redacted for confidentiality purposes.

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