A Comprehensive Look at the One-Stop-Shop Platform Development

10 December 2023

In the dynamic of events and presentations, the concept of the EBENTO One-Stop-Shop Platform often triggers inquiries from the audience seeking a more in-depth technical understanding. This quest for clarity propels the collaborative efforts of HYPERTECH and ETRA partners, as they navigate the evolving landscape of the One-Stop-Shop’s technical definition within a meticulously outlined methodological framework.

The EBENTO ONE-STOP-SHOP Platform demonstrates the set of energy services and renovations to better coordinate and manage Energy Performance Contracting, bringing together the needs of all actors involved in enhancing the building stock.

This ongoing task seamlessly integrates valuable insights gleaned from various sources, including business scenarios, project use cases, and user requirements identified through engaging co-creation activities with potential end-users. Leveraging this rich pool of information, the team meticulously defines the functional requirements of the One-Stop-Shop Platform, assigning these requirements to specific components.

Each component undergoes a detailed exploration, encompassing functional and non-functional specifications, functional dependencies, data requirements, and a comprehensive component diagram. Beyond this granular examination, the project unfolds a panoramic view with the creation of a high-level system architecture diagram. This visual masterpiece elucidates the intricate web of interactions and interdependencies between the components.

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