Progressing in EBENTO One-Stop-Shop

6 November 2023

The EBENTO ONE-STOP-SHOP (OSS) Platform represents a comprehensive suite of energy services and renovations designed to enhance the coordination and management of Energy Performance Contracting. This platform brings together various stakeholders involved in improving the building stock. Leading this ambitious initiative is ETRA, which acts as the project coordinator and spearheads the development of some key components, including the comfort module, IoT monitoring module, and the dynamic 3D map.

The Comfort Module, an integral part of the Monitoring Tool, plays a pivotal role in assessing the comfort levels of building inhabitants concerning thermal comfort, visual comfort, and air quality. This estimation is based on established standards and incorporates an interactive feature, allowing users to provide input on their comfort preferences for more precise assessments. The comfort estimations derived from this module serve as a valuable component of energy performance contracts, offering additional benefits to consumers.

On a different note, the IoT Monitoring Module is responsible for evaluating the status and data associated with various devices installed within buildings. It generates alerts in case of malfunctions or connectivity issues. Primarily designed for Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and Facility Managers, this module provides a means to ensure the proper functioning of sensors installed in homes. Furthermore, homeowners can also activate the IoT monitoring module to monitor the status and performance of their devices.

Lastly, the Dynamic 3D Map component is making remarkable progress. This map provides a visual representation of essential information about buildings in a given pilot area, including energy certificates and related details. It serves as the central component of the OSS, guiding cities in understanding the current state and renovation potential of their buildings. The ultimate aim is to create a comprehensive strategy for city-wide building renovations based on the insights offered by this map.

In the Good Track

In summary, the EBENTO One-Stop-Shop platform, led by ETRA, is making significant strides in advancing the energy services and renovations sector. With its multifaceted approach, including the comfort module, IoT monitoring module, and dynamic 3D map, it promises to revolutionize the way we manage energy performance contracting and enhance the overall quality of our building stock.

Images of the Dynamic 3D Map module.

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