EBENTO Project: One-Year Progress Update

3 November 2023

During the first year of the EBENTO project, the partners diligently focused on shaping foundational elements and conducting a thorough analysis of obstacles to innovation. Specifically, their efforts were channelled into delineating use cases and defining requirements.

The identified use cases were tailored to address the primary needs of the pilot sites and energy performance contracts. EBENTO’s focus lay in demonstrating how home energy management could significantly enhance result accuracy. The project underscored the importance of verifying contracts throughout the entire renovation process and emphasizedthe seamless management of contracts through the most innovative digital tools.

In conjunction with the requirements analysis, the pilots, situated in Valencia, Athens, Tallinn, and Manchester, commenced pivotal activities aimed at engaging homeowners. The objective was to instil anunderstanding of the significance of renovation and the responsible use of energy in this context. To lay the groundwork for the analysis, the partners began collecting initial data to comprehend the baseline situation of users’ buildings. This data will be meticulously analysed using EBENTO’s One-Stop-Shop tools, including the Monitoring module, Simulation (physical and economical) module, and Building Performance Contract module. These tools will empower EBENTO to gain comprehensive insights and steer the project towards successful outcomes.

 EBENTO partners. 

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