Monitoring campaigns in Valencia pilot site

20 October 2023

The Valencia pilot site conducted monitoring campaigns within their buildings to engage end-users. To facilitate this, a Spanish-language website has been launched to explain the goals and benefits of this initiative to households within the Valencia building site.

The València Climate and Energy Foundation, as the lead partner of the Valencia pilot site, has selected the building at Avenida Cataluña 1 and 3 as a national pilot, alongside three other countries: Estonia, Greece, and the United Kingdom, due to its success in energy rehabilitation.

Within these pilot buildings, data will be gathered to inform the development of a future tool by the EBENTO project, aimed at designing and financing energy rehabilitation projects across Europe.

Residents stand to benefit from the project’s outcomes, with improvements in energy efficiency leading to savings on electricity and gas bills.

The initial campaign took place this spring, targeting the first householders in the building site through a guided tour. This tour provided invaluable firsthand experience and insights into energy renovation, with nine out of 24 dwellings participating in the initiative.

Following the initial campaign, a second campaign was launched to engage the remaining 15 dwellings. This subsequent effort successfully garnered their involvement, fostering trust and furthering the project’s objectives.

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