Guided & free tour at the one of building sites in Valencia

05 July 2023

On 12th July, the Valencia City Council’s Citizen School of Energy Renovation is organizing educational visits to a building site in Valencia, specifically at EBENTO’s location on Avenida de Cataluña. The purpose of these visits is to provide firsthand experience and knowledge on energy renovation. It’s important to note that the tours will be conducted in Spanish.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the European project EBENTO, sensors will be installed in these residential blocks to collect data related to comfort, including temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 concentration inside the participating homes of the Valencian pilot program. The implementation of this initiative is being undertaken by the Fundació València Clima i Energia in partnership.

For more detailed information about the tour, please refer to the provided link.

To register for the tour, please use the registration link.

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